Nathaniel Bastion

Silver Tongued Playboy


Race: Human
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strong focus on charisma and dexterity. Performs better outside of a fight than in one. Heavily skilled in all manners of persuasion. Spells and range preferred over melee, but ideally he stands back and watches the fight unfold rather than partaking. Well versed in performance with both wind and keyboard instruments.


Born in Magnimar to Hammond & Abilene Bastion, Nathaniel was raised with silver spoon in mouth. His toys, all the way back to his pacifier, were gilded with gold. And from before he was able to speak he was surrounded with the most renowned private tutors. Engulfed in everything important to a developing aristocrat including music, grace and knowledge he developed a silver tongue and an understand of how to act under the highest social conventions. Like many children of his upbringing he wasn’t granted frequent audience with his parents. Not that they didn’t love him, but they were too busy to concern themselves with raising him. And so, from the day he was born he had a caretaker who can still be found by his side today, Jasper Montgomery. While Nathaniel’s father provided the financial backing for his exploits, Jasper was there to morally guide Nathan as much as he could. But being raised with endless wealth can skew a man’s view of right and wrong. Nathaniel often finds himself aiming for whatever is fun or interesting rather than what’s necessarily the right thing to do.

Hammond continues to flourish in wealth. He is of old money and maintains his prosperity though no singular means. He has his hands in everything but his most notable business is construction and real estate ownership. There was a time they said if you lived along the Varisian coast, there was a 30% chance your home was Bastion built (and possibly still owned). His wealth has allowed him to be most charitable to many needed parties. Because of this folks think him to have a heart of gold, though Nathaniel knows him as a much colder man. A love from him to his son is assumed to be there only because he’s never denied him the funds to sponsor his endless party. And thus, love is something Nathan finds hard to come by and some might say is why he finds lust a suitable (and common) substitute.

His mother was taken by the fever when he was 17 years old. As he saw her so infrequently, her death had little impact on him, though he feigned sorrow with near flawless precision (as any good upper cruster would). From the age of 18 his life has been focused on what he considers the finer things: rubbing shoulders, carousing, being the center of attention, pursuing women (or being pursued), gambling and making large ostentatious purchases. The closest person in his life is Jasper. He also cares deeply for his friends and just the opposite for most other people he comes across, a complete absence of caring one way or the other.

Nathaniel Bastion

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