Festus Ignatius "Iggy" Ghent

A dangerously curious Gnome, who has a bit of an obsession with fire, and just so happens to heal people.


4047 AR, Desnus 3, Toilday

Near dusk I happened across a small merchant caravan, who almost attacked me because they thought I was a goblin. By way of an apology they offered both Bromsby and myself dinner and a seat by their fire for the night. I inquired as to why they were so jumpy at the sight of me and they explained that goblins had been causing all manner of problem up north, so they decided it was time to head south to Magnimar. Mentioned that I had never met a goblin and should very much like to do so, which seemed to thoroughly confound them. They explained that goblins are dumb, savage little brutes, who would just as soon stab me in the eye as look at me. I smiled and tried not to think of them mistaking me for a goblin earlier.

4707 AR, Desnus 9, Moonday

I’m beginning to suspect that goblins are even less intelligent than I have been led to believe. They have attacked my camp for the last several nights, each time spewing what I can only assume were insults and threats at Bromsby and myself, yet every time they have fled in terror after only a handful were set fire to. Considering their numbers one would think they might be a touch more courageous, but then they are a simple creature. Must learn their language.

4707 AR, Desnus 11, Wealday

Encountered yet more goblins, with much the same result, except for one humorous exception. While I was incinerating his kin a somewhat less cowardly goblin snuck up behind Bromsby and managed to poke him with his weapon. Does a twisted tree branch with a slightly pointy end, covered in filth and smelling like a cesspool actually amount to a weapon? Requires further study. Bromsby yelped and descended upon the wretched creature, grasping its tiny head in his jaws and shaking until it stopped moving, sniffed at it, looked at me almost in disgust, then half buried the poor thing. Later, while cleaning up and organizing I happened to notice that the goblin must have survived and fled. Gave Bromsby some treats and let him play with his ball for a bit, upon which I drew the face of a goblin, though he did not seem to notice. It still astounds me how oblivious that canine can be sometimes.

4707 AR, Desnus 12, Oathday

Have reached a sleepy little town that my charts inform me is named Sandpoint. So many humans and only two taverns, which is a near perfect recipe for boredom if you ask me. Though I suppose you cannot ask me, since you are an ordinary journal with no intelligence or ability to speak. Should have spent more time in Magnimar; now they had some proper taverns. After sampling some of the local cuisine and a good nights sleep I plan to explore this tiny town in the hopes that I find something the least bit exci…

4707 AR, Desnus 13, Fireday

Well now, that was an adventure! The sheriff, obviously seeing my skill and experience, requested that I assist in the defense of Sandpoint against a rising goblin horde. I joined up with a rather motley group of misfits, ostensibly lead by a human with the attention span of a goblin and the personality and intelligence to match. While the militia defended the town our small band struck at the heart of the goblin menace. I lit many strange creatures on fire, including a greater barghest, defeated a room full of undead abominations, disarmed what I’m fairly certain was an aasimar who had somehow become part demon, and of course kept everyone else alive during the process. Naturally the town gave me a medal and named today after me. Perhaps this isn’t such a dull place after all.

Festus Ignatius "Iggy" Ghent

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