Rise of the Runelords - Burbank, CA

Burnt Offerings

Goblin's ruin the party.


“A sharp retort, like the crack of distant thunder, slices
through the excited crowd as the sun’s setting rays
paint the western sky. A stray dog that has crawled
under a nearby wagon to sleep starts awake, and the
buzz of two dozen conversations quickly hushes as
all heads turn toward the central podium, where a
beaming Father Zantus has taken the stage. He clears
his throat, takes a breath to speak, and suddenly a
woman’s scream slices through the air. A few moments
later, another scream rises, then another. Beyond
them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises high-
pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite
human . The crowd parts and something low to the
ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as the
stray dog gives a pained yelp and then collapses with
a gurgle, its throat cut open from ear to ear. As blood
pools around its head, the raucous sound of a strange
song begins, chanted from shrill, scratchy voices.”

At once our adventures spring into action. The battle is going rough at first as they are caught off guard. Sir Pete swings and misses and is quickly brought down by a pack of goblins. Handsome make short work of many of the pest with his trusty bow. Nathaniel runs around not sure of what he is doing. The robed wizard Alaron seems to be setting everything on fire along with the goblins. Aldren Foxglove is running up the road from a pack of goblins that Handsome executes with extreme prejudice.

This guy gets and arrow to the neck from Handsome

Things to note:

Aldren Foxglove Survived
The Goblins claim a “Longshanks” was giving orders
The White Deer burnt to the ground.
Foxglove Manor also burnt
The group is lauded as heroes
Foxglove is staying at the Rusty Dragon invites the party to seek him out there.

The Goblin Song




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